Water Wealth offers efficient and innovative solutions for sustainable landscaping, in breathtaking designs that will turn every “green” dream into a real flourishing garden.

We are constantly striving to unveil creative methods and pioneering products which are eco-friendly, distinctive and easy to maintain.

Living in a desert environment, our solutions aim at saving water and energy, in addition to utilizing unused spaces and converting them into life enhancing sources.

Our main objective is to serve our society and contribute to the health of every living being in it. We do that through creating green spaces, indoors and outdoors, that are a pleasure to see and live around, providing clean and pure air, using sustainable and high quality materials, and adding more signs of life to our environment.

Our team of experts in vertical garden, green roof, landscaping design and water management work together with architects, designers, environmental consultants, surveyors, naturalists, and biologists to create the most suitable solution for every space.

In this world, where living and working spaces are becoming more confined to smaller areas, and with increasing number of occupants per square meter, it is extremely important to incorporate nature into these spaces for a healthier life and happier, more vibrant surroundings.

From concept to implementation, the journey is all green, lively, blossoming and extremely satisfying.


We aim at paving the way to a green city with sustainable botanical solutions.

Our Mission

  • We strive for a greener future where our precious water resources are effectively managed.
  • We contribute to improving our fellow citizens’ well-being by raising environmental awareness and supporting sustainable botanical solutions.
  • We engage proactively in the realization of our country’s vision in the field of sustainable development.

Innovative, Sustainable and Breathtaking