Our vertical gardens are fascinating centerpieces to any landscape project. A feast for the eyes, serving our society, economy and environment, in countless ways.


With our partner PaisajismoUrbano®, the world leader in vertical gardening, we endeavor to build the best in class vertical garden systems, and to creatively grow extraordinary and tailored made landscapes for individuals and corporate projects.


With over two decades of experience, PaisajismoUrbano® has designed and created more than 200,000 square meters of Vertical Gardens worldwide.

It is a renowned point of reference in the sector. Its team, composed of architects, engineers, environmental consultants, surveyors, naturalists, biologists and doctors, is always operating and developing to ensure providing the best landscaping and consulting services to its clients.

The construction technique of PaisajismoUrbano® is based on a perfect communion between the highest technology and a deep understanding of the biological and botanical interactions.

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Best in class systems

Our Projects

Benefits of Vertical Gardens

Social, Economic and Environmental

Generate oxygen, trap dust, and filter out harmful gasses in the air.
Reduce noise pollution.
Help boost biodiversity.
Improve aesthetics of the property.
Act as a shield protecting buildings from sun, rain & thermal fluctuation.
Increase property value.
Utilize unused spaces.
Prevent graffiti and vandalism.
Enhance wellbeing for residents.
Improve psychology and boost performance.
Reduce the heat island effect in large cities.

Eye Striking Design

Best in class vertical garden systems


With over 20 years of biological research, the development of our vertical garden system places us a step beyond the conventional green wall systems.

  • Automated, fail-safe irrigation system, Irrigation free of clogging, as no soil or sphagnum is used.
  • Minimal water consumption through the usage of hydroponic system, water recirculation, and precise automated dosing.
  • Minimal depth from the wall surface.
  • Monitoring system with SMS alerts.
  • Installation in less than a month (100 m2).
  • Abundant space available on the panel for the roots to grow, helping plants to reach maximum development.
  • The lightest structure currently with an average weight of 35kg/m2 (with fully grown plants).
  • Free maintenance for the first 3 months.
  • Patent registered at KACST.
  • Qualifies for LEED® credits.

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Vertical Garden Construction Process

The World Largest Vertical Garden – Santalaia Building