Green Roof Technology™ (GRT) is the world leader in designing, engineering and construction of ground remote or ground disconnected gardens, green roofs, vertical forest, ecologic green walls, and natural swimming pools.

The Most Versatile and Sustainable Greening Option for Man-made Structures

We are proud collaborating with Green Roof TechnologyTM, the world leader in ground remote living systems or so called Green Roof Systems. Green Roof Technology has the most experience in designing, engineering, installing and maintaining biophilic systems in any climate zone on Earth.

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We strive to transform any ordinary space into a nature embracing one, in eye striking designs, creating lush beautiful gardens & landscapes for indoors and outdoors projects.


Our Partner provided value engineering, advisory, hands-on training, and maintenance support for uncountable projects since 1980 what translates to over 1,500,000 square meters of Green Roofs in the last 40 years.

Jörg Breuning, CEO of GRT, Introduced Many Innovations for Green Roofs

He combines traditional horticultural knowledge with scientific research, German accuracy and common sense for award-winning projects in multiple countries and in all climate zones.

“I offer governance expertise for living green systems with environmental stewardship, sustainability, and water security on any human-made structure or ground remote location.”

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Benefits of Green Roof

The Corner Stone of advanced Green Infrastructure

Increases property value and increases usable property area and additional amenity space.
Reduces Heat Island effect, traps dust and filters air.
Reduces significantly cooling costs. Best ROI in industry.
Protects the roof and increases lifetime by 2-3 times
Protects against electric smog and electronic ration
Buffers heavy rain events and reduces flooding.
Produces Oxygen equivalent or more than parks.
Replacement or gain of environmental habitats. Step stone environments.
Use of grey water or water treatment of urban water discharge. Recycling of water.
Green Infrastructure with the lowest operational costs and artisan irrigation to limit loss of water.
Muffles noise pollution and absorbs sounds.
Carbon capture and the long-term storage of atmospheric carbon dioxide (as long as the building lasts) .
Green Infrastructure with the lowest operational costs and artisan irrigation to limit loss of water.
Green Roofs increase biodiversity within cities, increase the amount of trees and create living green recreational space.
Green Roofs by Green Roof Technology are engineered with the most sensible use of natural and local resources. Materials can be reused for the same purpose over and over again.

Green Roof Technology systems are eligible for up to 15 LEED points. More in combination with Solar/PV and GRT roofing products

Spectacular Green Roof Systems

Sprouting up more and more on buildings around the world

  • Quality Control
  • Material Selection
  • Best Management Practice
  • Full Size Testing, Mock-up
  • Technology Certification
  • Fll®, Din/en®, Leed® Approved
  • Research & Development
  • Performance
  • Field Data

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Sailing Green Roof

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